Frequently Asked Questions


Where can I purchase your product?

Please visit Where to Buy.

Does your Casual Living Worldwide outdoor furniture collections come in different colors or fabrics?

Furniture collections are available only in the fabric and finish on display.

Where can I purchase matching or extra pieces for my set?

All products are sold through independent retailers, so please check with the store where you purchased your product to see if they carry accessories. Also, some retailers offer products in collections and may not make individual items available for sale.

Can I order directly from Casual Living Worldwide?

Not at this time. Casual Living Worldwide is a custom manufacturer that sells to retailers only.

Do you have a catalog?

Not at this time. Many of our products are sold and marketed under a private label specified by the retailer. For a full list of product collections and directory of retailers, visit the Where To Buy section of this site.

Where do I return my set if it is defective?

You may contact Casual Living Worldwide customer service to determine the return policy of your particular retailer.
Click Here for contact information.

What does the warranty cover?

To view our warranty, please click here.

Is rust covered under warranty?

Rust on steel and wrought-iron products is not covered under warranty. Please see the Furniture Care section for tips for maintaining your Casual Living Worldwide product.

What is not covered under my Casual Living Worldwide warranty?

Products used for commercial, contract, or any other non-residential purposes. Furniture sold “as is,” display models and/or clearance items. Freight damage; damage due to acts of nature; fire; abuse; vandalism; lack of proper care and maintenance; glass breakage; tabletop damage; hardware against corrosion & rust, freeze damage and improper assembly are not covered or warranted. In addition, fading cushions, slings, umbrellas and coatings are not covered. We reserve the right to substitute similar quality and style of merchandise/furniture if the model in question is out of stock or production.
Click Here for our warranty.

How do I file a warranty claim?

Should you have a warranty claim, please contact our Customer Service Center.
When filing a claim, please be sure to include the following:

  • Your full name
  • Complete mailing address
  • Daytime telephone number including area code
  • When you purchased your item(s)
  • Where you purchased your item(s)
  • The name/model/description of your set
  • The specific problem you are having
  • A copy of your receipt
  • Occasionally, pictures of a damaged item may be necessary to provide better service.
Is glass breakage covered under warranty?

Glass breakage is never covered under warranty. This is standard policy in the outdoor furniture industry. Although not a common occurrence, there are too many variables that can lead to glass breakage. Please see warranty.

How do I order glass/tile replacement?

You may order by contacting Customer Service Center, or call us Monday–Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm EST at 866-331-6478.

Also, there are many glass replacement companies that can custom-cut glass for your table. Look in your phone book under "glass replacement" to find a company, but we recommend getting a few estimates to compare. Make sure you specify 1/4" tempered glass for safety reasons.

Is touchup paint available?

Yes, for most products we manufacture, touchup paint is available. You may order by contacting the Customer Service Center.

Can I purchase extra cushions?

Extra cushions are available on some products. You may Email our Customer Service Center.